Meet The Cast

Official Spiral Live

Nicholas Lionrider (Host)
Nick is a level 70 Pyromancer (Fire) who is the host of Spiral Live. Nick has been playing Wizard101 since Beta and he has an extensive knowledge of anything Wizard101. Nick enjoys playing Minecraft along with a few other MMO's. Nick does not have a signature pet because he rarely wears one but his signature outfit is his Dragonspyre outfit.
Justin Shadowblade (Co-Host)
Justin is a level 80 Necromancer (Death) who is the co-host of Spiral Live. Justin has been playing Wizard101 since October of 2010. Justin also plays Minecraft were he is an avid griefer. Justin and his Fierce Hound, Lucky and Cloud Beast, Miss Tyson travel the Spiral and somehow has the time to post on his blog, Justin also is currently writing a Wizard101 Novel with great friend, Destiny Soultamer. Their novel was brainstormed in 2011 and has formed into a Trilogy by 2012. The F2D Trilogy should be completed by Early 2013 but F2D is ready to read as of now, and TPR is in the works.

Former Spiral Live Members

Blaze Shadowhorn
Blaze is a level 60 Thaumaturge (Ice) who was the host of Spiral Live along with Nicholas Lionrider but had to leave in May of 2012. 

Amber Rosepetal
Amber is a level 60 Pyromancer (Fire) who use to keep all of Spiral Live in check, but left when other opportunities arrived You can still keep up with her on Twitter - @AmberTheSavior.

Ethan Mythcaller
Ethan Mythcaller or how he is better known in the Wizard101 community as "Ethan The Sound Guy". Ethan left Spiral Live along with Blaze. Ethan used to run the Spiral Live Twitter, Facebook, email, and is listening to the show and making sure all goes well.
Nick's blog.

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